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The Law Offices of Michael D. Stewart provides representation in Personal Injury, Foreclosure Defense, Mortgage Loan Modification, Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, Business Law, Contracts, Debt Collection, Short Sales, Pre-Construction Condo Deposit Recovery, Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure, Landlord Tenant, Evictions, Civil/Commercial Litigation, Unfair Competition, and Fraud.

The Law Offices of Michael D. Stewart is a full-service law firm based based in Miami, Florida that represents clients against personal injury, litigation, criminal defense, foreclosure defense, loan modification, appeals, federal cases, and many more.

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02 Jun 2016

New Federal Trade Secret Law

The Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act was signed into law on May 11, 2016.  Prior to this act, victims of trade secret theft had to rel...

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01 Jun 2016

Vita Coco Sued over Born in Brazil

All Market Inc., owners of Vita Coco coconut water are being sued in a class action lawsuit in the Southern District of Florida.  The ...

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Family Law

The Law Offices of Michael D. Stewart is a full service law firm providing aggressive

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Personal Injury

Turn to our Miami-Dade, Broward County, Palm Beach County, South Florida personal injury lawyers and

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DUI/Traffic Tickets

The lawyers at The Law Offices of Michael D. Stewart may be able to eliminate the large fines and points

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